Hi and welcome!

My name is Alexandra, but you can Call Me AliHere you’ll find my thoughts on style, travel, food, and motherhood!

11081274_10204592350033462_7339890609219634801_nA little bit about me:

I am 24 years old and a mama to a beautiful baby girl, Sloane, who gives me a run for our money on a daily basis and completes my life. I started my story growing up in the charming little town of Southampton, NY, then moved to the Big Apple, then to the big borough of Queens, and have recently settled back in Southampton. I have big dreams of moving to Portland, Oregon.

My background is in event planning and marketing. I graduated from LIM College in 2015 with a bachelors degree, but put my career on hold in order to tackle the adventure of parenting. In April of 2017, I got myself back into the workforce and spend my weekdays at a small boutique Inn in Southampton as a Marketing Manager.

While working 9-5 and taking care of a 1 year old can feel like Groundhog Day, I try to spice things up by always seeking out my next big adventure. Whether I’m doing a DIY project or traveling to a new city or town, I’m all about keeping it interesting.